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If you invest your money in a property in Budapest and you intend to rent your apartment with the highest profit margin, it is more likely to get higher monthly rent if the property is furnished with tasteful furniture creating a modern but cozy atmosphere.


The potential tenants’ first impressions are very important when deciding which property to rent.


Our company helps you with cost-effective yet carefully selected and tasteful items of furniture.

You can find our furniture packages in different categories, depending on the type of apartment and the amount of money that you, the owner is willing to spend.


Apart from purchasing the furniture we will organize the delivery and assembly of the furniture and any fixing of electric items.


If you choose Home Sweet Home Property Management to furnish your apartment, the Furnishing Project Management Fee will be 8-10% + VAT of the complete furnishing cost, depending on the size and/or number of the apartment(s).

Furniture packages :


Low Budget Package :

Inexpensive contemporary furnishings of the quality and durability necessary for rented accommodation.


The standard furniture package incorporates the basics that are required to let your property as furnished accommodation.


Furnishing involves all rooms of the apartment and includes the organisation of transport and fixing. Most furniture is purchased from IKEA with appliances and devices from Elektroworld or Media Markt, depending on current special offers.

Standard Package :

The standard furniture package incorporates the basics that are required to let your property as furnished accommodation.


The furniture is contemporary and durable, and most items are available in different finishes.


Executive Package :

This furniture package is ideal for the corporate rental market.

The range features high standard and pre-selected furniture, giving you a fully equipped apartment ready to rent.


Coordinated accessories to create the right life style

Our property renovation Services:


We provide :

- Low Budget Renovation

- Moderate Renovation

- Luxury Renovation


If you are an investor who purchased an unrenovated property then probably the next step in your investment strategy is to do it up tastefully and properly.


Home Sweet Home Property Management can, of course, become your partner in this field as well.


The project management fee for apartment renovation is between 8-10% + VAT of the complete cost of renovation.


Our business is about helping clients to get the best deals in the city when it comes to renovation and furnishing. We provide full project management services which include taking care of EVERY aspect of renovation, ranging from minor alterations to complete refurbishing.


We offer full and detailed free quotes, highly competitive prices and strive to keep deadlines.

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