Property Management


Our property management Services in Budapest:

  • tenant search
  • provide and monitor advertisements at all major points of foreigner traffic, mainly at universities, schools, embassies and other institutions also international companies, bars, and restaurants.


  • advertising on all free websites, search programs and magazines
  • advertising on fee paying media of customer’s preference.


We work actively with other relocation firms and letting agents to rent out your Budapest property in the fastest possible time.



Services and duties of Management Company


  • act as intermediary for any negotiations, both verbal and written, between potential tenant and the owner and conclude an agreement on all rental terms
  • prepare contract according to agreed details
  • prepare authorisation for Home Sweet Home Property Management inspect, review and explain to tenants the system of all electric devices, heating systems, equipments, etc.
  • assist and advise tenants with instructions/information of all operational issues: keys, post box, electricity, gas, water, meters, etc.
  • show and read meters with tenant, record meter readings.
  • implement payment schedule procedure for assuring all bills are regularly paid (via tenant, post box, and/or provider)
  • monitor accuracy of received bills; (meter number, price, date) and address and resolve any issues concerning the bills ASAP (lateness, missing, inaccuracy, etc.)
  • schedule regular appointment in the office with tenant for collecting rent, make sure tenant is not late with payment, calculate exchange rate if necessary, write and issue receipts, make a copy for tenant, administrate income for owner, deposit money for owner, adjust income and costs of owner for financial report.
  • arrange relevant insurance policy for apartment, if requested by the owner
  • act as intermediary in insurance matters that may arise from fixing building problems which directly affect owner property, provide access to property when building insurance adjuster comes, organise method of payment with the building management or insurance company.
  • other insurance matters: represent owner, contact insurance adjuster, organise meeting to review issue (both prior to and following repair), negotiate maximum compensation for repairs as possible, organise payment with insurance company, suggest and/or contract insurance company, send renewed contract, pay necessary annual fee, review terms and details and keep a record.
  • regularly visit apartment for inspection
  •  collect all official notifications, statements and letters.

Other property management services


  • organise and hire bookkeeping services (English speaking bookkeeper) and take care to make all necessary periodical reports as request by Hungarian law. Costs are borne by the owner.
  • organise and act as intermediator regarding legal services with English speaking legal firms. Costs of legal services are borne by owner.
  • organising the translation of all legal and any other documents if necessary. Costs are borne by owner.

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